Your ultimate express and on-demand delivery marketplace

How does it work?

1. Registration

After downloading Caree app, you create new account by filling up your personal details.

2. Create caree

When you want to send items for delivery or have them delivered, fill in the delivery details and price you are willing to pay to add caree.

3. Accept caree

On the map, caree courier can view, accept created carees and deliver them.

4. When caree is on the way

Control the price. After caree is created it can be automatically accepted by a courier or courier can bid on the price. The sender then chooses the courier based on rating and price. After acceptation discuss with courier any delivery specifics through the chat in our app.

5. Caree Delivery

Upon handing goods in the delivery destination, courier must scan a qr code, which will be provided to him by the person receiving the goods. After caree is delivered you and courier rate each other to ensure the satisfaction for future orders.

What can I use Caree app for?

On-demand delivery from your favorite store

Do you need something from your favorite shop and don’t have time? To add caree, specify what you want to have delivered to you, from what shop,if any, and what you are willing to pay in total for the order.

A to B goods transportation

Do you need to have items delivered quickly from place to place? Set what do you want to send for delivery, fill in the pickup and delivery destination info, and the price you wish to pay for such delivery to add caree.

Delivering the goods and B2B

Are you headed somewhere, want to help out and make some money? Accept and deliver carees to help others and make the trip you would make anyway more effective. B2B? Contact us and let's talk more.

Why prefer Caree for delivery?

1. Money-friendly

You decide what you pay for deliveries. Courier either accepts the caree right away or places a bid. You then choose the courier according to price and ratings.

2. Simplicity

It is really easy to create carees and deliver caree through our app. Control your carees and deliveries easily. Plus we are constantly working to enhance our product and services.

3. Fast

There are many couriers willing to accept and deliver your caree instantly or whatever specifics you require in your caree order.

4. Eco-friendly

Our couriers can deliver on foot, by bus, tram, or car.

5. Efficiency

We increase efficiency in communities by more effective allocation of resources.