Who are we?

In Caree we firmly believe in and stick to improving things and processes. I came up with the idea for Caree after closely examining the principles of sharing economy. Caree is your ultimate express and on-demand delivery marketplace currently based in Slovak Republic. Similarly to other ideas based on the principles of effective allocation of resources, Caree is available through an app on Android and iOS and allows the users to place an order(we call it caree), request A to B deliveries or order goods from a favorite store and/or deliver caree. It is truly faster, cheaper, ecological, and more efficient when you share.

Why we do it?

We aspire to create tools that aim at improving the well-being of society by more effective allocation of resources. We firmly believe Caree brings efficiency to delivery services and offers a truly unique platform for any type of delivery and any type of customer.


Patrik Preščák
Caree founder
00420 601 222 122